Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shantiniketan: The Poet's Abode of Peace

The place: Shantiniketan, 150 km north of Kolkata.

Why would one want to visit: Houses Visva Bharati University founded by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore; Tagore museums.

A visit to Shantiniketan had been in the bucket list for ages. Although I visited Kolkata thrice in the recent past, I could not budget time for Shantiniketan which is just 150 km away. So on my fourth visit of Kolkata, I made the Poet’s Abode of Peace the only place on my list.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Ice and Snow at Gangtok

The place: Gangtok, capital of the Indian state of Sikkim; situated at 5800 feet (1800 m) above sea level.

Why would one want to visit:  Perfect hill station with mild-temperature climate throughout the year; views of the Himalayas; Buddhist monasteries; Hindu temples; nearest focal point to Nathula pass (India-China border) and Changu Lake (also called Tsongmo Lake).

Gangtok was the second point of my Sikkim expedition. Another hill station – yes, getting bored of hills and mountains - never.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dzongu: God's Own Set of Villages Beneath the Himalayas

The place: Dzongu in the North District of the Indian state of Sikkim.

Why would one want to visit: Rural, remote, calm, beautiful villages; clear, close views of the Himalayas including Mt. Kangchenjunga, pollution free air, chance to experience the way of living of the mountain people.

The most frequent work that I have been using for the past few days - amazing. This is my one word answer whenever someone asks me how did my trip to Sikkim go. And I'm not exaggerating, even a bit.