In The Beginning
Welcome to my travel blog! I'm Alen. Studied Electronics Engineering, worked in the technology and software field for three years. Not to forget, had unbelievably intelligent Israeli bosses. Quit the job one fine summer morning to do M.A. in Public Policy and Governance from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad. Currently working as a Junior Research Fellow with Andhra Pradesh State Development Planning Society. Fundamentally, a travel addict.

This blog was born out of three of my interests - travel, writing and photography. I love travel, even if it's to the nearby town or a stroll. I love writing also, I was fortunate enough to get published last winter. And I write long, really long emails to my friends and when they get back to me to tell me how happy they were to read what I wrote, that in turn makes me happy. So quite recently (that would be near the end on 2012), I thought why don't I write about the small silly trips that I had made and put a lot of photos. It will help me to organize all my travel experiences at one place, available to everyone, forever. Also it will open up another place for travel enthusiasts to read, see and learn about some wonderful places. Hence, happilytravelled was born.

What I'm gonna do and what you can do with this blog
I plan to travel to new places, as long as I live. I can say this quite confidently because even thinking of planning a trip makes me all excited and happy! (forget the real travel, even the idea of planning it makes me jump). So here is what I can offer - real, fresh, unbiased, colourful (because I will be adding lot of clicks from my camera) travel stories. You can read, comment, criticize (like, if one hotel that I recommended turned out to be horrible for you), ask questions, ask for more details or anything 'travely' (yes, I just made up that word!) that pops up in your mind. And if you like something here - hitting the Facebook 'like' button, leaving a really nice comment, sharing with your friends, subscribing or following will be totally awesome.

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